Signs 🚧 You Are Emotionally Attached 🤞 to a Negative 👎 past 🔮 ...


Life can be really hard, and one of the main reasons for this is that pretty much every single one of us will go through a period of trauma at some point along the way. Whether it is a relatively small thing or a huge, life-changing event, all trauma has the potential to bury deep down inside of you and become something that defines you as a person. Becoming attached to a negative past can have a detrimental impact on any decisions or actions that you try to make in the future. It’s something that you should fight really hard against and seek the help to untangle it. Here are some signs that you are emotionally attached to a negative past.

1. Reluctance in Talking about It

Whatever the memory or experience is that you are holding on to, you find it incredibly difficult to talk about with others if asked. Instead, it stays inside your head like a constant bad secret.

Familiar Feelings
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