7 Signs It's Time to Scale Back Your Schedule ...

There’re some signs it’s time to scale back your schedule that you should be on the lookout for. If you feel like you’re overly busy, some of these may apply to you. Having a schedule that is jam packed isn’t fun and can lead to a lot of negative effects in your life. If you have some of these signs it’s time to scale back your schedule you may need to brainstorm to see what you can do about it.

1. There Isn’t a Free Spot in Sight

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One of the signs it’s time to scale back your schedule is if there isn’t a free time spot in sight. You’re completely booked for as far as you can see. You probably don’t have very much balance in your life if this is the case. It’s time to see what you can cut out of your schedule to have more time for things you enjoy. You’ll be glad you made the effort to do this.

2. You Feel Overwhelmed

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If you often feel overwhelmed, your busy schedule may be to blame. This is a common feeling when you’re too busy. It isn’t a good feeling to have and it’s important to take some steps to fix it. See what you can do to slow down. This will help you feel like you can manage your life again.

3. You Don’t do Anything for Fun

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When we get busy, fun activities are generally the first thing to go. If you can’t remember the last time that you did something fun, your schedule is too full. See if you can rearrange things to give you a bit more freedom. Doing things you enjoy helps you to feel happier and more balanced. Everyone needs time for fun in their life.

4. You’re Missing Appointments

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Missing appointments is a sign that you’re too busy. You just can’t keep up with everything. Of course, this is really frustrating. If this is happening to you, take steps to make sure that you get to important appointments. Write them down in your planner or stick the appointment cards somewhere you will see them often.

5. You Constantly Feel behind

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There’re a couple reasons you might feel constantly behind. It’s usually either you tend to procrastinate or you just truly don’t have enough time to complete everything. If you’re falling behind on your chores or homework and you know you don’t procrastinate, it’s probably time to cut some things out of your schedule. Sit down and look at what can go. Having more free time can help you to complete things that really need to get done.

6. You Miss Your Friends

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If your schedule is overbooked, you’re probably missing your friends. If this is happening, something needs to change. You need time with your friends. They’re fun to hang out with and there for you in tough times. Your friendships are worth finding time for.

7. You’ve Been Getting Sick a Lot

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If you’re crazy busy and feeling run down, you may be getting sick a lot. Everyone gets sick from time to time but if you’re getting sick more often than you usually do, it may be time to evaluate your schedule. Getting sick more often than normal is your body’s way of telling you that it needs better care. Taking good care of yourself takes time. Love yourself enough to make sure you are getting the sleep you need and eating right.

These are some signs that you may need to scale back your schedule. Do you have any of them? How can you change things so your schedule isn’t so slammed?

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