Absolutely 💯 Ridiculous 🙍🏻 Misconceptions 😠 People Make about Independent ☝🏼 Women ...

Women are the subject of a great many misconceptions … many, many, many misconceptions. Many. If we like sex, we're slutty. If we don't sleep around, we're prudes. If we're too thin, we have an eating disorder. If we're overweight, we're gluttons. There are misconceptions about working women, stay-at-home mothers, and women who choose not to have kids. Feminists are seen as man-hating lesbians. Women who aren't feminists are seen as stupid, naive, or traitorous. You get the idea, right? Not so surprisingly, there are scores of absolutely ridiculous misconceptions about independent women, too – as if we should be ashamed of being independent as if there's something wrong with taking care of ourselves. That's especially funny to me since there are just as many misconceptions about women who maybe aren't as dependent. That's another article, however. For now, let's take a look at all the stereotypes that surround fierce, independent women.

1. We Don't Need to Rely on Anybody

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Not true. Just because an independent woman can take care of herself, it doesn't mean that she doesn't rely on people for other things. She might not need you to pay for her dinner, but that doesn't mean she doesn't need emotional support from her loved ones. Independent women aren't islands. We're not aloof or anti-social. We just handle our business.

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