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7 Reasons Why You Tend to Overthink Problems ...

By Alicia

Would you love to discover the reasons why you overthink problems? This is a personality quirk that many people struggle with. Why you overthink may be one of the reasons listed below or a combination of more than one of them. If you can figure out why you overthink things, you can help yourself to stop doing it.

1 You Second Guess Yourself

One of the reasons why you overthink things may be because you second guess yourself. Maybe you review the situation over and over in your mind because you feel you may have not handled it perfectly. If you are doing this, you probably are trying to figure out what the absolute best way to handle it was. Break yourself of this by telling yourself you did the best you could. Then remind yourself that your best is good enough.

2 You Are Lacking in Confidence

Sometimes people overthink things because they are lacking in confidence. They feel like what they did was not the right thing. You may have to boost your own confidence to get through this. Practice telling yourself that you are a smart and capable woman. In time, you will begin to believe it.


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3 You Are a Worrier by Nature

Some people are just a worrier by nature. Can you relate? I certainly can. Worrying comes very naturally to you. If this is you, it can be helpful to imagine how everything can go right instead of wrong. Instead of thinking how you could have done better, concentrate on how well you did.

4 You Don’t Know How to Relax

This one goes hand in hand with being a worrier. You don’t know how to relax. You don’t know how to turn your thoughts off. Meditation can help you to calm your runaway thoughts. Practice sitting peacefully while thinking of a happy place or a happy phrase.

5 You Feel Overthinking is Protection

Some people may feel that overthinking is a way of protecting something bad from happening. It is almost as if they overthink the situation then they think nothing bad will come of it. Change your goal to thinking of how to solve problems if they arise in the future. This is better than dwelling on what cannot be changed. Give yourself permission to not think constantly.

6 It’s a Habit You Have

Overthinking can be a habit you have gotten into. If that is true of you then you will have to take steps to break it. When you catch yourself overthinking, decide to think of something else. Think of your weekend plans, how you want to redecorate your bedroom or anything to get your mind occupied on something else. It may take a few times of doing this but it will work.

7 You Struggle with Perfectionism

People who struggle with perfectionism are very prone to overthinking. They are usually wondering if they could have done something better. They wonder how they could have helped a situation improve. Being a perfectionist is a hard habit to break. If this is you, shift your thinking to the future and how wonderfully you will handle things there.

Overthinking things is something that a lot of people find themselves doing from time to time. Are you guilty of this? What do you do to help yourself stop doing it?

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