7 Reasons Why You Deserve Happiness ...


There are reasons why you deserve happiness, even if you think you’re unworthy. Many people dwell in their sorrow, because they don’t think that they’re valuable. They assume that they deserve to be miserable, but that’s just not true! There are plenty of reasons why you deserve happiness, and here are just a few:

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It’s a Reward for Hardships

You’ve been through so many rough days, and it’s time for you to be rewarded. Your familiarity with sadness is one of the biggest reasons why you deserve happiness. You’ve gone through enough hard times, and you deserve to balance the bad days out with good ones. Never assume that life will continue to go downhill. There’s always a way back up.


Understanding that the cycle of life naturally includes ebbs and flows can be empowering. The rainstorms you've weathered have nourished the soil where seeds of joy can grow. Remind yourself that just as the tough times are inevitable, so are moments of laughter, love, and joy. Your resilience has developed through challenges, and it's this very strength that makes you capable of embracing happiness to its fullest. Now, more than ever, you have the tools to seize the joyful experiences life offers—you've earned it.


You’ve Given Happiness

There were countless times when you’ve done something to make a friend smile. You’ve bought your parents gifts, you’ve attended your sibling's concerts, and you’ve complimented the men you've found attractive. There were so many instances where you gave happiness to another person, and it’s time that some happiness is given to you. You get back what you give, after all.


You’ve Waited for It

Patience is a virtue. We all know that it takes time to achieve happiness. You have to suffer through twelve years of schooling in order to graduate. You need to go through nine months of pregnancy before you get your beautiful baby. You’ve been living your life, waiting for happiness, and it’s time to go out and find it!


You’re a Good Person

Really think about the life you’ve led. There are some moments that you’re embarrassed about, some days that you wish you could forget. But when you look at your life as a whole, how do you view yourself? Chances are, you’re a good person. Never let your mistakes convince you otherwise.


You’ve Worked Hard

Unless you’re a reality star, you had to work hard in order to achieve what you have in life. You have to dedicate a large chunk of your time to working if you have a job. You have to spend time building relationships with others if you have a group of friends. Despite what you think, you haven’t spent your life sitting around doing nothing. Even if you consider yourself lazy, you’ve accomplished more than you think. Life takes work; it doesn't allow you to be useless.


You’ve Searched for It

You’ve probably tried to find the perfect boyfriend or to land your dream job. Once you realize what you want from life, you go out and attempt to attain it. If you haven’t gotten it yet, you might feel like your search is hopeless. However, you’ll eventually be rewarded for all of the time you’ve spent searching for true happiness.


You’ve Survived

You woke up this morning and every morning before today. You faced the day, and dealt with any issues that arose. You made it through horrible fights, draining jobs, and heartbreaking losses. That takes strength. That takes courage. That takes someone who deserves to find happiness.

If your life seems to be spiraling downward, remember that it doesn’t have to remain that way. You’re in charge of your situation, and you can make your own happiness! What always brings a smile to your face?

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This is great made me feel good about doing something for myself.. Sometimes we forget we are important too..

Love this article . Hands down one of my faves!! You do choose to be happy.

Thank you for some much needed inspiration to go along with all that perspiration, life is hard work

Needed this!

There is only one reason that you deserve happiness; you exist.

Love and needed this.

Thank you! Much needed words of wisdom..

I love this article. I often forget that I deserve to be happy so thank you for letting me know that "I'm worth it"

I luv this article like a lil pick me up that a verbally abused person needed to hear thnx so much❤️

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