7 Reasons Why It's Important to Go through Failure ...


7 Reasons Why It's Important to Go through Failure ...
7 Reasons Why It's Important to Go through Failure ...

Some people don’t view failure as an option because it might represent weakness, but others use it to their advantage and realize why it’s important to go through failure. Failure should not be something that we strive for but we should be prepared for it and learn to manipulate our situation for the better. Since bumps along the road to success are inevitable, it’s crucial to know how to deal with them and learn why it’s important to go through failure.

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Appreciate Success

Imagine eating ice cream for dinner. It would be great at first but after a while, as much as you love ice cream, you would soon get tired of it and you would lose your interest. Success is very similar to that. If there was no such thing as failure everyone would get what they wanted and there would be no struggle for success. We wouldn't know the feeling of satisfaction we get when we work hard for something and we wouldn't appreciate it as much. Striving for success and feeling accomplished once you reach it is why it’s important to go through failure.


Learning from Mistakes

The best way to learn is to learn from your mistakes. It’s the same as learning how to roller-blade or ride a bike. How would you learn those things without falling or scraping a knee here and there? Failures allow us to understand the problems that we have and learn how to fix them!


Grow as a Person

Success comes hand in hand with failure and failure is accompanied by growth when you learn to overcome it. We overcome obstacles by facing, accepting and analyzing them, but simultaneously we change ourselves and grow as a person. Once we learn how to deal with failures, facing another one doesn't seem so scary anymore, so we try again and persevere.


Become Driven

Depending on what type of person you are, failure might make you or break you. While some might start feeling bad for themselves and give up, others use it as a fuel to their fire. They become even more motivated and driven, and the desire to reach their goal becomes amplified. At times failure pushes us in the right direction, so it might not be so bad to mess up once in a while.


Looking at a Bigger Picture

Whenever you are set to reach a goal, you tend to focus on just that and forget the bigger picture. A mishap might actually give you some time to stop and think about the situation as a whole. You start to question whether that goal is really what you want and that is the best thing that can happen, because it really makes you think whether you are doing what’s best for you!


Failure Can Lead to Better Things

There is an old saying, ‘once one door closes, another door opens,’ which practically means that failures can lead to better things. Life is full of chains of events that would be totally different if you never made mistakes in life. So if you are happy with your life today, appreciate the failures you've made in the past because without them, your life could have turned out completely different.


Reaching Success

Failures are just stepping stones to success. Just take a look at Michael Jordan: before he became a professional basketball player, he was cut from his high school team! The Beatles were rejected by the Decca Recording studios because they ‘had no future in the business’ and Oprah Winfrey was demoted as a news anchor because she wasn't ‘TV material.’ There is no success without struggle!

Overcoming obstacles is all about embracing failures. It’s a way of recharging yourself and thinking outside the box. How do you overcome your failures? Share your suggestions!

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This is so true. I especially appreciate how nothing motivates you to avoid a mistake more than personal experience (even if it takes a time or a hard fall to learn the lesson). Also, what you said about "there is no success without struggle" is totally true. If you don't struggle, the outcome is just something that happened, not something you actually accomplished.

Thank you soo much! You have no idea how much I appreciate this! My kinda sorta boyfriend (very complicated, needless to say we're together kinda) thinks he's such a failure and I havent known what to say to make him feel better /: so this gives me some ideas. Crossing my fingers I can say something to him so he doesn't feel so bad about himself!

Adversity = wishbone, funny bone, and back bone = perseverance:)

By thiinkiin posiitiive.

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