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7 Reasons We're Not Cherishing Important Moments in Our Lives ...

By Jessica

There are far too many moments that sweep by us but we should understand the reasons we're not cherishing important moments in our lives so that we CAN appreciate them! Life is far too short not to cherish the moments that capture life and beauty. Looking at our culture and how fast it moves, it's easy to get caught up in our "to do" list rather than seeing little opportunities for joy and captured memories. Think about who and what you encounter in your daily life and make it a point to cherish those times, even if they may seem insignificant. Here are some thought-provoking reasons we're not cherishing important moments in our lives in hopes that you're inspired to really take in life and all it has to offer!

1 Being Too Busy

One of the biggest reasons we're not cherishing important moments in our lives is because we're just too busy to notice them! Being busy is the number one culprit of missing beautiful moments with the ones we love. For example, sometimes I wish I would have played longer with my son to see his sweet smile and giggles, instead of rushing out the door for some errand. You won't remember errands when you're older but will hold on to precious moments with your family and friends!

2 Technology Obsessed

I have a love/hate relationship with technology. We've come so far with the things we can do with technology, yet we have digressed significantly when it comes to human relationships. If you're on your phone while out to dinner instead of conversing with your friends and significant other, there's a problem. If you're sitting in a room with your whole family and all of you are on your phone or computer, there's a problem. I'm guilty of doing both! Don't be so engrossed in the good "moments" of other people's lives instead of being present in your own!

3 Skewed View of Beauty

As a society that is obsessed with beauty and what defines it, it's no wonder we have a skewed image of what even beautiful moments should look like. They don't necessarily have to be ones of grandeur or pomp, but meaningful moments that show the joy in life, the depth of love and simplicity of friendship. Picture a group of people seated at the dinner table, sharing a meal. Food has a way of uniting people and drawing out the depth and humor of real life. These are the important moments that should be cherished!

4 Our Priorities Are off

Priorities are a funny thing. What may seem important today, won't necessarily matter tomorrow or a week from now. Maybe you can wait a day or two to sort the laundry and instead opt for a family trip to a park or the zoo. Perhaps you can accept an invite for a coffee date with a friend instead of deep cleaning the bathroom. Don't neglect really important stuff like work meetings and doctor's appointments - but do evaluate what you consider a priority and maybe shift some things around in order to enjoy more important moments!

5 Stress is the Culprit

Stress and anxiety can get the better of you and prevent you from missing out on sweet moments. Being rushed throughout the day can make you miss out on fun interactions with lovely people who are just there to serve YOU. The barista at your favorite coffee shop beaming her nice smile and sharing words with you should not be missed because you were too stressed to notice her. Neither should the knowledgeable and funny waiter be ignored for his exceptional service because you were too anxious to eat and leave.

6 Unwilling to Be Challenged

Are you unwilling to be pushed outside of your comfort zone? Sometimes challenge brings the most important moments of our lives. What's worth cherishing that isn't challenging? Deep friendships, marriage, and parenthood all bring challenging and difficult times, yet are so valuable because of the important moments that are worth being appreciated. Don't give up when things get hard but press through and reap the rewards of being challenged!

7 Unable to Find Importance in the "Mundane"

Sometimes the important and beautiful moments are ones that don't seem so at first glance. A short yet sweet interaction with a stranger has literally made my day before. People's genuine kindness is beautiful and a rarity these days. Be present and recognize the beauty in small moments!

I know I find myself guilty of not cherishing important moments, especially being busy and always on the go! What are some ways you neglect to notice and cherish those special moments in your life? What are the ways that you do notice beauty in the mundane?

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