More Laughter Leads to Greater Happiness ...


You might come down with a case of the giggles every time you hang out with your friends, which is healthy, but there are reasons to laugh more than you already are. Laughter benefits your social life, your emotional health, and even your physical health. It's the cure for almost everything, which is why you shouldn't sit around with a serious face all day long. If you're struggling to be a happier person, here are some convincing reasons to laugh more:

1. Show Your Beautiful Smile

Even if you have crooked teeth that are yellow with braces on top, your smile will make you look more beautiful. Everyone is attractive when they have a genuine grin on their face. Don't you want everyone to see why you're so darn special? Showing the world how cute you are is one of the biggest reasons to laugh more.

Become Happier
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