7 Reasons to Embrace Change like a Warrior ...

Facing change can be incredibly difficult, but there are very good reasons to embrace change. When I went off to college, I felt like everything in my life was changing, which made me uncomfortable. Even though I was excited about college, I was sad to let go of things that were familiar. However, change is inevitable and often results in positive outcomes. If you are facing major changes in your life, you should know that there are reasons to embrace change.

1. Transformation

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One of the reasons to embrace change is it is an opportunity for transformation. One of my favorite symbols for change is a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. Whenever I am faced with change I like to think of myself as a caterpillar that is undergoing a transformation into a beautiful butterfly. Going off to college may have been a little scary, but by going to college I transformed into a capable adult.

2. Flexibility

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I have a tendency to be very rigid about things like schedules, but as I have gotten older and experienced more change I have learned to be flexible. When I was younger the slightest change in my schedule would throw me off, but I am much more adaptable than I used to be. It certainly makes my life less stressful when I am flexible. By embracing change, I have learned to adjust with ease and believe I am a much better person as a result.

3. Life Values

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When you experience major changes in your life, you learn what is truly important. It can be easy to get caught up in day to day life. Yet, when you move away from your family, lose a job, or experience a major illness, you learn important life values. Experiencing major changes like this reminds you of the importance of family. It also teaches you to appreciate everything on a much deeper level. When I moved away from my family, I enjoyed our visits so much more because I realized how much they mean to me.

4. Strength

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Sometimes the changes we experience in life are very difficult. Even though it is not easy, embracing tough changes will make you stronger. Not too long ago I lost some people in my life who were very dear to me. Grieving that loss was one of the hardest things I had to do. Yet, by accepting that things had changed I was able to get through that difficult time and am stronger as a result. Certainly, I miss my loved ones every day, but by going through such difficult change I know I can handle almost anything.

5. New Beginnings

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Change is an opportunity for new beginnings. Of course there are major changes that mark a new beginning, like starting a new school or getting married; however, even smaller changes like getting a puppy are a chance for a new beginning. I love new beginnings. They offer so much hope for a new and exciting future. After getting over the trepidation of starting college, I was excited for what my new life had to offer.

6. Progress

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Getting a new job, graduating, moving into a new house are all signs of progress. Although these things can sometimes be daunting at first, they are all indicators that you are growing. Progress is one of the best things about change, and it is a great reason to embrace change. When I was younger I was a ballet dancer, and I would be so excited when I would get moved up a level. That simple change showed me that I was improving. If you find a big change like graduating unnerving, remember that it is a sign of progress.

7. Keeps Things Interesting

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Everyone gets stuck in a rut at times. It is easy to go to the same restaurants, watch the same TV shows, and follow the same routine. However, this can become boring. Change keeps things from getting boring. How often have you changed your hairstyle because you needed something different? I know I have changed my hairstyle many times. Embracing change allows you to keep things interesting. If nothing ever changed, life would get pretty tiresome after a while.

Although facing something new can be difficult, there are many reasons to embrace change. As I have gotten older, I have learned that change offers many new opportunities and am often excited when things change. Since nothing will stay the same forever, it is important to welcome change. What major changes have you recently experienced in your life?

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