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7 Reasons to do Those Things You Hate on Your to do List ...

By Neecey

I know you are not going to be happy to hear there are reasons to do those things you hate – why should you want to be convinced that there is an upside to this? You hate them; that’s why you don’t do them, or put them off until you simply must do them. I’m going to try and convince you there are some very good reasons to do those things you hate.

1 It Puts You Ahead of All Others

This is truly one of the top reasons to do those things you hate and the power of it is hard to comprehend. The things you hate to do are probably hated by a lot of people, and a lot of people are going to feel the same way as you do about them. By doing them personally, you are putting yourself ahead of all the other people that hate doing the job. The most successful people in the world have gotten that way because they worked more and worked harder than most other people. They did the things that people hate doing and they did them more than most – even smaller things such as cleaning your house. Many people hate doing it and many pay people to do it for them. You are saving money every time you do your own cleaning. You are saving money when you vacuum the dust out of your computer filters or clean the sludge tray in your dishwasher. By doing the jobs you hate, you put yourself ahead of all the other people that hate them too.

2 They Need to Be Done…it’s a Cold Hard Fact

I know I feel like yelling “grow up” at people when they complain about the jobs they hate doing, but the fact is that as an adult you have to do some things if you intend to remain a decent individual. Just do them and quit whining. You’ll feel a whole ton better once it’s done.

3 Get the Worst Stuff out of the Way First

This is the meat and veg mentality of getting stuff done. There are some people that eat their vegetables on the plate first so that they may enjoy the meat last. The same is true of things you dislike doing. Do them first and get them out of the way, so you can do the more pleasant things on your list later (last).

4 Anticipation is a Very Big Motivation Killer

One of the best reasons to do those things you hate is because anticipating doing them is killing your motivation. If your list contains a particularly nasty task, then it is sucking up the motivation you have for the entire list. Get it out of the way, and you will not lose the motivation that you desperately need in order to get all the other tasks done.

5 Putting Them off Will Make You Feel Worse

It’s just one of those facts of life. The longer you put something off, then the worse you feel about it and the more it bothers you. Maybe there is a big psychological study on the subject, but the truth is, it is an immutable truth no matter what the reason.

6 You May Have to Pay Someone or Disappoint Someone if You Don’t

Don’t do the job you hate, and you will either have to pay another person to do it, or you will have to disappoint someone (and that someone includes you). Is it really worth the hassle when you can do it yourself and get it over with?

7 Do Them Routinely and You Hate Them Less

This is a part of human nature that few appreciate, but if you do something more often then you hate it less. Your first few months working at a sewerage plant may be the worst, but after a year you will wonder how you ever lived without the smell of rotting sewage. You may hate doing things such as vacuuming and washing the pots, but after getting into a routine you will find it a lot less horrible.

I know some of you reading this will think – wow, all she is saying is “suck it up, lady,” but truly, see the deeper meaning because if you really want to benefit and move forward, these are sound and logical reasons why you should do the jobs you hate – whether it’s chores a home or stuff in your in tray at work. You’ll feel better for it! What tasks do you always put off? For me it’s ironing!

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