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7 Reasons Not to Be Affected by People's Comments ...

By Alicia

There are many valid reasons not to be affected by people’s comments. A comment from someone can ruin your day if you let it. The comment may be made thoughtlessly or maliciously. Either way, it isn’t worth being upset over. The following are some great reasons not to be affected by people’s comments.

1 They Could Be Having a Bad Day

One of the reasons not to be affected by people’s comments is that they could just be having a bad day. Their comment could be a reaction to what they have dealt with that day. Maybe their fuse is a little shorter than normal. Maybe they missed their morning coffee and are really feeling the effects of that. Realizing that their comment could be the product of their bad day is a very healthy decision for you.

2 It’s Really Not about You

Another reason not to be affected by people’s comments is that it is almost always never about you. Most of the time, what others say is a reflection of what is going on with their personal thoughts and feelings. Everyone’s thoughts and feelings are influenced by a variety of factors such as their upbringing, their life experiences and their own unique personality. It has to do with their perception of you based on those factors, not the reality that you know is true. It isn’t worth letting their comment ruin your day.

3 Sift the Message

A good thing to do is practice being open-minded instead of defensive about the comments of others. You know yourself better than anyone else. Sift through the comment that was made and take the nuggets of truth from it to learn from. Disregard the rest of it. If there is no truth to the comment at all, then disregard it completely and go on with your day.

4 Realize There Are Rude and Crazy People in This World

You know, one really good reason not to be affected by people’s comments is that they may not come from a good source. Let’s face it. There are some very rude and crazy people in our world. Their comment may have absolutely no value because of who they are. Basically, you need to consider the source.

5 They Are Only One Person

You know, there are over 7 billion people on earth. The person that made a comment to you is only one person. That is only one of 7 billion opinions on earth. It is not worth your day being ruined or having your feelings hurt. You can decide to not absorb that comment and let it roll on past you.

6 It Isn’t Worth Having a Bad Day over

You know, good days can take some effort. You are making the effort to be positive. Don’t let someone else stomp on that effort. Laugh it off. Pretend you didn’t hear it. Do whatever you need to do in order to protect your good day.

7 Remember You Know Who You Are

You know who you are. You know what you stand for. You know what you believe in. If someone doesn’t like that then that’s okay. It is great to be open to improving yourself but you are the only one that can decide if that is necessary or not. One comment is not worth changing yourself over.

There are many reasons not to be affected by people’s comments. What do you do to keep this from happening to you? Please share your ways of dealing in this situation.

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