7 Reasons It's Okay to Question Who You Are ...


It’s natural to question who you are throughout your life. It’s an odd thing, since you should know yourself better than anyone. However, it’s something that we all go through. Don’t be afraid to question who you are, because everyone has wondered the same thing.

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Several Selves

You might question who you are when you realize that you act differently when thrown into different situations. Even though you’re only one person, you have several sides to you. You act differently around your teachers and boss than you do around your friends at a party. You don’t treat your crush the same way that you treat your grandmother. You’re not being fake by acting differently at different times. One personality is not more genuine than the other.


Constantly Changing

You can know exactly who you are one day and then question yourself the next. No matter how old you are, you’re constantly growing. You can’t live life without learning new things and facing fresh obstacles. The more life experience you have, the more your mindset is altered. You’re not going to be the same exact person you are today in thirty years. Change is unavoidable.


New Limits

If you’re terrified of public speaking, it’s hard to imagine giving a speech in front of your entire school or company. If you start performing smaller acts, like telling a story in front of a group of people you’re comfortable with, your limits can change. By getting used to something, you can push your boundaries. You might be afraid to open your mouth now, but unable to shut it in a few months. You can feel like a different person when you push your limits.


Age Alteration

Your desires change with age. When you’re a teenager, it’s hard to imagine ever having a husband and kids. Once you age a bit, those things start seeming more realistic. While some stick with their instincts, some change their views on family life. The girl who refused the idea of having kids for years could end up being the greatest mother out there.


So Many Layers

No one knows exactly who they are. There are so many layers to humanity that it’s impossible to uncover all of them. When you’re furious, you can discover a side of you that you never knew existed. The same goes for when you’re feeling extremely joyous or annoyed or depressed. Unless you experience every possible emotion in every extreme, you’ll never know what you’re truly capable of.



Humans instinctively ask questions about everything. We have a thirst for knowledge, and want to know why everything works the way that it does. What is the meaning of life? Why is the sky blue? Some of the questions have definite answers, while the others are open-ended. Don’t be afraid of asking questions about yourself, but don’t be upset when you can’t find a concrete answer.



No one will ever know exactly who they are, but that’s one of the joys of living. There are times when you’re going to surprise yourself. Some of those surprises will be negative, but others will make you proud. You can think that an act is impossible, but find out that you’re capable of completing it. So don’t worry about pinpointing your personality. Just live your life in the best way that you can.

The next time that you’re confused about who you are, remember that everyone is wondering the same thing about themselves. Have you ever had an experience that’s made you question who you are? What did you learn from it?

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Great article.

Love this ❤️

Love it! :) thanks for sharing :)

So true! Great article

All true, I know I definitely act differently around family than friends or strangers. Like meeting new understanding people vs. people who've known me for many years.

Agreed they we all have several modes, different personality facets for different situations or people we encounter.

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