9 Quotes by Gandhi the World Would do Well to Remember ...

If I could only be inspired by words from one source, I would have to pick quotes by Gandhi. This simple man, who trained as a lawyer in England and then led his country in a non-violent campaign to gain independence from the British Empire while wearing nothing but a homespun loincloth and flop flips, was nothing short of remarkable. He was an inspirational leader and when you read some of these quotes by Gandhi you’ll see how he mobilized a nation.

1. Retribution

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This is one of my very favorite quotes by Gandhi. I love that it is the antithesis of that well known saying (from The Bible), β€œAn eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” Indeed, Gandhi is saying that there is no reasoning in that if you receive an injury you should injure back, as it is no compensation. I believe he is saying that hatred breeds hatred, and along with his other teachings, he is saying forgiveness is better than revenge.

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