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7 Quick Ways to Boost Your Mood for Girls down in the Dumps ...

By Vontia

Need some quick ways to boost your mood?

There's nothing quite like being in the dumps. It's miserable. You feel yucky and nothing seems to be working to make you feel better. Maybe you're approaching things all wrong. Instead of thinking about feeling better later, think about feeling better right now. There are lots of quick ways to boost your mood that you can use right now.

1 Find Inspirational Quotes

There is nothing like reading a good book, prose, or a song lyric that touches your heart. Surround yourself with phrases that empower your mind, body, and spirit. Positive thinking leads to a positive way of life, and there is power in positivity. One of the best quick ways to boost your mood is to find quotes.

2 Switch It up!

Maybe it’s time for a change. Maybe you want to bring back the 90’s choker or the clear purse trend? Do it! There is no better way to strut your full personality like a pair of 6-inch heels or a pair of leopard flats. Fishnets, hoops, flare jeans, bowties, side cuts, colored hair, go for it! Please, be unapologetically you!

3 Hobbies

Yes, we all have to make a living and working hard is a must. However, we must also have time to recharge, and a great way to do this is by drowning yourself in hobbies. Take some time to focus on what you love to go and where your interest lies. Learn more about it, share it with others, and take your skills to the next level. Arts and crafts, photography, writing, music, pottery - you name it. Master your craft, then share it with the world.

4 Kiss and Makeup

I feel a lot better about myself when I’m rocking a bold lippie or my eyeliner is on point! If you are into makeup, it is a great way to express your style and a flattering highlighter can give you a major rush. So rock your classic ombre nude or your daring midnight black. Whatever you do, own it!

5 One on One

Sometimes we all need to pull ourselves to the side and give ourselves an encouraging word. Everyday stressors can wreak havoc in our lives and we just need to breathe and come back to a happy place. Remind yourself everyday how much of a rock star you really are. Tell yourself you are beautiful every morning. Play the cockiest song out right now on your way to work. On your worst day, you are still THAT chick!

6 The Body Craves What You Put in It

This is true. The more water you consume, the more your body will crave it. Drink water, eat healthy, take a probiotic, and go for walks. Any kind of health starts from within.

7 Learn to Love Who You Are!

It is hard work maneuvering this world and it’s even harder figuring out our place in it. Learning who you are can be scary and exciting all in one, but such a wonderful discovery once there. When you have met that inner you, love her! Love her with all of your heart and soul. Take time to figure out your likes, dislikes, your beliefs and your callings. You are your best friend, worst critic, and biggest fan. Through it all love every inch of you and the person you have come to be.

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