Quick ⏱ Hacks to Be More πŸ‘ Charismatic 😁 ...

Many of us can benefit from quick hacks to be more charismatic. For some people, being charismatic is something that comes totally naturally. We all know those kinds of people who can take a room by storm and command attention from each and person around them. For others, though, exuding that kind of confidence and spirit can be much more difficult. But there’s hope! If you happen to be such a person, then you will be pleased to hear that the art of true charisma is definitely something that can be learned. If you are looking for a few pointers that are going to help you to come out of your shell, then here are some quick and easy hacks for being more charismatic!

1. Smile More

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You would be amazed just how different of a reaction you can get from people when you choose to smile more. A β€˜resting bitch face’ is something that lots of us have, and it can be difficult to try to replace that with a smile, but in terms of instant charisma, you can’t do much better than putting on your best positive face. It will make you look immediately more approachable, but make sure that your smile looks genuine rather than totally forced!

2. Eye Contact

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Making the effort to make good eye contact with the person you are talking to is another instant way to build and exude charisma. People who make eye contact are seen as more confident, more in control, and overall more memorable, so it is really worth lifting those eyes to meet those of your companion! If you can make someone feel like they only thing you are interested in in that moment is them, then that is instant charisma right there.

3. Be Interested

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When having a conversation with someone, don’t just sit there and receive their words like a blank canvas. Even if you don’t mean it to, it will look like you are not listening to them or taking in what they are saying. The easiest way to counteract this is to make sure you ask little follow up questions every now and then, so let the person know that you really are taking in what they are saying to you. It will make them more valued and make you seem more interested.

4. Self-Amusement

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Something that truly charismatic people have down is self amusement. That’s the process of doing something purely for your own entertainment rather than trying to get a reaction out of someone else. You shouldn’t be looking for validation, just self entertainment, and others will see that as an intriguing quality.

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