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7 Problems Only Introverts Understand ...

By Alicia

There’re some problems only introverts understand. There are advantages to being an introvert or an extrovert. Likewise, there are also unique problems that each personality types must face. These are some of the problems only introverts understand. See if there’re any that you’ve experienced in your life.

1 Dreading a Party

For extroverts, a party is an occasion to look forward to and anticipate. It’s fun for them to socialize and mingle with others. Introverts generally dread parties, especially if it’s a large number of people. This is one of the problems only introverts understand. A party isn’t something fun to look forward to. For an introvert, attending a party is usually done out of an obligation to someone.

2 Preferring Books to People

Although introverts usually have a circle of people they’re close to, outside of that, they’d usually prefer a good book to people. Introverts can easily lose themselves in a book for hours and be very content. However, there are introverts that aren’t readers. For those individuals, they’d rather watch a movie, play a game or enjoy other personal pursuits than be with people. To sum it up, hobbies are more enjoyable than socializing for an introvert.


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3 Feeling Exhausted after Social Events

Most introverts can handle a social event. They can usually even fake being outgoing if the situation calls for it. But social events take a lot out of an introvert. While an extrovert may feel energized after a social event, an introvert usually feels exhausted. They usually need some quiet time to recuperate.

4 Preferring a Few Close Friendships

Most of the time, extroverts have lots of friends. They may not be very deep friendships, though. An introvert isn’t satisfied with light friendships. They crave a deeper connection with others. An introvert would rather have a few close friends than many that are more surface level.

5 Hoping You Don’t See Anyone You Know

Do you know this feeling? You go somewhere, like a store, and hope that you don’t see anyone you know? You just want to get in and out without having to socialize. That’s a total introvert problem. Another very closely related problem is that you probably try to keep people you know from seeing you even though you spotted them in a public place.

6 Enjoying the Quiet of an Empty House

An introvert can enjoy having people over for events at their own home. They actually usually prefer to have a social gathering in their own home rather than attend one elsewhere. But they’re also typically relieved when the social gathering is over and they can enjoy the quiet of an empty house again. A quiet empty house may even make an introvert feel energized or peaceful. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures for them.

7 Feeling Awkward in Social Situations

An introvert usually feels awkward in social situations. You may never know this about them if you’re an extrovert, though. Even a fellow introvert may not pick up on it because introverts can generally put up a good front although they’re feeling very awkward on the inside. This is a problem that only introverts can understand. Extroverts feel totally at home in new social situations.

I hope this article has made my fellow introverts feel not so alone and also provided you with a bit of humor. What introvert problems are issues for you? Share your stories here.

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