7 Problem Solving Skills Anyone Can Use to Make a Huge Decision ...


If you’re facing a problem that you’re having a hard time deciding how to handle properly, consider some of my favorite problem solving skills. I learned these skills during a community leadership service I was able to participate in at college. I got to act as a college student promoting leadership skills in the community, and was taught valuable skills along the way, one of which was critical problem solving skills. At the time, I never realized how much I’d use them, or need them in life. Boy, was I wrong! Next time you have a situation that you don’t know how to handle, consider these 7 problem solving skills that will help you make the best decision for you. They’re simple, and easy to learn and implement, and can keep you from making a decision out of impulse, fear or panic.

1. Don’t Jump at the Gun

The first thing you should know when learning these problem solving skills is never to jump at the gun and just make any old decision. You need to think things through. Making a decision just because you don’t know what to do and are running off impulse will get you into big trouble, trust me! Instead, sleep on it, maybe one night or better yet a week. If you’re pressed for time to make a decision, spend at least one day thinking things through, and in the meantime, think about the following ideas.

The Five Year Plan
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