Phrases 💬 to Think about 💭 before You Use Them 😬 ...


Do you want to know some phrases to think about before using them? Are tired of being called a “guy” or everyone assuming you aren’t interested in something because of your gender?

I learned a lot in college but one thing I learned more than anything else is that in order for people to respect you, you have to respect yourself.

That starts with your language.

You can’t say you want equality for women and use language that contradicts that. It’s hard.

But, the words we use every day can easily be replaced. Here are some phrases to think about before using them.

1. “Hey, You Guys!”

This takes a lot of work to stop this habit. Trust me, I know. I still struggle with keeping it out of my language if the group is mixed or if there are only girls in the group.

Now you say that it’s not a big deal. Okay. I can see why you’d say that. But let me give you an example.

I say “girl” a lot now. “Hey, girl!”. “I understand, girl.” Now when I accidentally call a person who identifies as male “girl”, they are not happy. I heard someone say the same thing in a YouTube video today. But when I’m gaming, the boys I play with refuse to stop calling me “boy” (ex. Let’s go, boys.) and just tell me to get over it.

What kind of double standard is that? And by using “guys” to identify any group of people, we are reinforcing it. This is one of the most important phrases to think about before using them.

“Ma’am” or “sir”
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