9. “so Many People Prefer to Live in Drama Because It's Comfortable. It's like Someone Staying in a Bad Marriage or Relationship - It's Actually Easier to Stay Because They Know What to Expect Every Day, versus Leaving and Not Knowing What to Expect.”

Why stay comfortable in something when you have the option to go on an adventure? This is one of my favorite Ellen DeGeneres quotes because it inspires me to take risks. I can’t plan my life out and I don’t want to live in an unhappy situation because it is comfortable. Life is an adventure, so take advantage of it and never stay in anything that makes you unhappy.

If we all take these quotes as inspiration, I believe the world would be a better place. People would laugh more, spread more joy, and be themselves. What did you think of these inspirational Ellen DeGeneres quotes? Do you know of any other Ellen DeGeneres quotes that speak to you? What is your favorite thing about Ellen DeGeneres?

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