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Never do These 7 Things when You're Stressed ...

By Alicia

Stress is a part of life we all have to deal with. You could feel stressed from school, work, your family, friends, relationships or other reasons. Whatever the cause, it’s frustrating when stress gets to you. These are 7 things you should never do when you’re feeling stressed.

1 Turn to Food for Comfort

It can be very easy to grab that tub of cookies and cream ice cream when you’re feeling stressed. Why? Because you probably aren’t too concerned with your figure when your stress level is maxed. But it’s not a wise decision. You may not care now but you certainly will later, especially when your jeans suddenly won’t zip.

2 Quit Your Job

It’s not a good idea to make a decision to quit your job because you’re feeling stressed. You may really want to quit in the moment and it could even feel great to tell your boss you’re done, but this isn’t a decision to be made quickly. It’s one you should make only after giving it a lot of careful thought. Your finances are going to take a hit if you aren’t prepared for unemployment. If quitting is the right decision for you then do it after you’ve prepared for it.

3 Break up with Your Man

It’s very easy to tell your man it’s over when you’re furious. But the thing is you may not really want that. Oh, your heated emotions can tell you that in the midst of a fight but is it what you truly want? Let your emotions calm down to where you can think rationally before you make a decision of this importance. You may decide it was only your anger talking.

4 Make a Big Decision Involving Money

Don’t make big decisions involving money when you’re feeling stressed. This would include decisions such as taking out a new credit card or purchasing a new car. Make a choice to take at least 24 hours to think over any big financial decisions before you sign on the dotted line. Don’t worry, the offer will still be open to you. Businesses that want your money won’t expire their offers.

5 Over-indulge in Retail Therapy

I’m not going to lie here, girls. Retail therapy can help when you’re feeling stressed. Strolling the mall and making a few new purchases lifts my spirits! The trick is to not over-indulge just because you’re feeling stressed. Realizing you’ve spent more than you could afford is only going to bring more stress into your life.

6 Handle a Confrontation

As much as you want to take on a problem person in your life when you’re feeling stressed, don’t. Your emotions are in control instead of your good sense. We all feel that temptation at times! But wait until you’re calm and thinking rationally. If a confrontation really is necessary, it’s going to go much better for you when you’re operating from a place of logical thinking.

7 Take It out on Others

It’s absolutely fine to vent! It can help tremendously to get whatever’s bothering you off your chest. But one thing you don’t want to do is take your stress out on others. This won’t make you feel better at all; in fact, you’ll likely feel worse. You don’t want to hurt those that you care about just 'cos things aren’t going so well for you.

These are 7 things you never want to do when you’re feeling stressed. There are much better ways to deal. How do you manage the stress in your life?

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