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My Life by Just Paty

My Life

Maybe my life isn't always easy

But I love living it anyway

I have a family, a pack of wolves, who are always there for me

They love me no matter what I do or say

I have found the love of my life

He stands by me and fights on my side

I am proud to be his friend and his wife

He refuses to let me go into the shadows to hide

I have friends to talk and make fun with

They pick me up when I'm down

Make me see true friendship is not a myth

Cheer me up, take me to town

I have a house safe and secure

A palace to call home

A shelter for whatever I may have to endure

My own personal dome

I have my strength and my courage too

My pride, loving heart, and loyalty

Whatever happens, I will go through

And I will enjoy life fully

I have three furry creatures I adore

They keep the cold out of me

Always comforting me when I'm sore

So cute soft and cuddly

I have so many things to be grateful for around me

So many things that make me cry and laugh

My life doesn't need to be perfect, I am already happy

The things I have are more than enough!

-Just Patty

Thanks to the wonderful author of this poem whom I think is so happy with life. It's rare to see people who are truly happy and content with their life. Most people today strive for more possessions and better positions, the status in society they want to live up to. If you let the judging world affect you it's easy to get lost, and it will consume you. It will become a competition of which you don't win because there are always greater people and lesser people than yourself. Contentment is achieved when you know that what you have is enough and you're grateful for it. We shouldn't forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something you don't have, or getting to have, It comes from within. We hear or read about it a lot, but to actually feel it and live it takes a lot a realization and self-talk of which you have to ask yourself if you're happy and content, even when you still wish for some things. Happiness is appreciating and recognizing what we have, more than what we don't have.

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