My Favorite Sweater by Erin Hanson ...


My Favorite  Sweater by Erin Hanson ...
My Favorite  Sweater by Erin Hanson ...

My Favorite Sweater by Erin Hanson

You're like my favorite sweater,
That smells of places it has been,
With my tears caught in its fabric,
And my life sewn at its seams,
It's seen its ray of sunshine,
And it kept me warm in snow,
It's bright colours now a memory,
Of a time lost long ago,
But like a favorite sweater,
You've been worn out once too much,
And the stitches that protect you,
Start to crumble with my touch,
I've even tried to fix you,
But I never learnt to sew,
And the only thing that's left to do,
Is learn to let you go,
My old and worn out sweater,
It no longer fits me snug,
It's as loose as your two arms were,
The last time we ever hugged,
So promised me just one thing,
As I bid you both farewell,
That you remember me long after,
My favorite sweater's lost my smell.

This poem is a good example of how you've got to let go of things and people that have no place in your life. Just like the sweater wore out over time, we need to let go of something or someone when it doesn't serve a purpose to us anymore. De-cluttering your closet isn't as easy as de-cluttering your mind and heart; it needs a lot of getting used to because sometimes we just miss that great fitting warm sweater. Truth be's never the same again. There's a lot of things that will hold you back but always remember that things get better in time and time has no shortcut! Imagine as though you just got a cut -does it heal the second it stops bleeding? No, it takes time and you let that time heal your wound. It's hard to endure heartbreaks but that's how we learn. We learn and bounce back in our own way and there is no need to explain it; you've just got to keep going.

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