8 Podcasts 🎧 to Listen to πŸ‘‚ Daily πŸ“† for a Better Mindset ✌️ ...

When it comes to podcasts to listen to daily, I have a morning and evening routine I try to keep to every day. Granted, I don’t always succeed, but I like having this predictability in my life. If you too like some predictability in your life, check out these podcasts to listen to daily that have new episodes every day!

1. The Daily Meditation Podcast

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This is a great podcast to begin or end your day with and center yourself. Every week there’s a different theme that the meditations are based on, although you can start in the middle easily and not feel like you’ve missed anything. This helps me center myself and I especially love listening to it while walking my dog! It's definitely one of the best podcasts to listen to daily.

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