7 Most Common Dreams 😴 and Their Meanings 🤷 That Every Woman 💯 Should Know ...


Have you ever wondered about dreams and their meaning? I have always believed that dreams connect us with something bigger than ourselves as well as I have believed that it’s the reason of dream interpretations. Beyond all convictions, their importance relies on the images they represent. They’re like guidelines that pilot indirectly our path in life.

Dreams can be identified as episodes that depict your life. They have thousands of different justifications. Though dreams can sometimes be abstract and complicated, it is important to understand their interpretations and be prepared for the unknown.

The following are seven most common dreams and their interpretations - see which ones you've already had!

1. Flying in Your Dream

If you dreamed about flying, that might imply the urge of achievability or hope. It reminds you of a certain task to accomplish and keeps you close to your goals in life. Alternately, flying in dreams means improvements and success which adds excitement to you when you wake up.

Dreaming about Teeth
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