Moments in Life 🌎 That Will 👌 Define You ✌️ ...

You might think that the moments in life that define you will be things like turning 21, getting married, buying your first home, and having a baby. They are. These are momentous and life-changing but there are other, less attention-grabbing moments that will add to your character and define you as a person, rather than just as a woman. When you read this list of moments in life that will define you, you’ll think they are simple, but they will have an impact on your whole life and will influence how and why you then make decisions going forward.

1. When You Stop Dressing for Others and Dress for Yourself

2. When You Stop Worrying about the Size of Your Boobs. You Don’t Need Implants or a Reduction. You Know You Have Killer Boobs

3. When You Decide It’s Ok and Right to Say No, Instead of Saying Yes to Be Polite, or Not Hurt Someone’s Feelings, or Worry about Other People’s Opinion

4. When You Learn That Not Everything is in Your Control

5. When You Stop Lying about Your Age. You Stop Wishing You Were Older and Enjoy Your Younger Years or You Stop Wishing You Were Younger and Embrace Your Wisdom and Experience

6. When You Have Learned Not to Panic about the Little Things

7. When You Stop Worrying about What Others Say about You

8. When You do Not Care Whether You Look Good in a Photo or Not Because You Know You Look Stunning the Way You Are

9. When You Stop Overreacting over Texts from the ‘right Guy’

10. When You Accept You Want to Be Who You Already Are

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