Mind Blowing 😱 Psychological Tips to Use πŸ“– if You Want to Attract πŸ€— All Types πŸ’― of People πŸ‘«πŸ‘­πŸ‘¬ ...


When you know how to use psychology to attract people, you are have a powerful weapon in your relationship toolbox. And that is the whole sphere of relationships - partnership/dating, family and work. Understanding the psychology of attraction can make you into a people magnet. If you want to know how, Brightside.me has shared the best psychological tips to attract people of all types. Give them a try!

1. Individual Image

You need a unique image. Even more, a totally unique detail**.** After all, your own original image is the thing that makes even strangers remember you. And we’re not talking about beauty. It sounds weird, but uniqueness can be expressed even in ugliness and vulnerability. Any of your unique features, whether it’s a pace, gesture, facial expression, intonation, style of communication, or an item of clothing can make you memorable.

Here are some examples of famous people’s details with which they’re associated:

β€’ Charlie Chaplin β€” mustache, suit, cane

β€’ Tilda Swinton β€” asexuality, no makeup

β€’ Winston Churchill β€” fattiness, cigars

β€’ Joseph Stalin β€” mustache, pipe, accent

β€’ Adolf Hitler β€” original form of mustache, intonation

β€’ Dita Von Teese β€” the image of the ’40s, red lipstick

β€’ Marilyn Monroe β€” hair color, mole

β€’ Salvador Dali β€” mustache, facial expressions

You Need a Big Dream
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