15 Magical Muggles You Need in Your Life ...


15 Magical Muggles You Need in Your Life ...
15 Magical Muggles You Need in Your Life ...

You may well wonder what magical muggles are and why you need them in your life. You might say they are superheroes you need in your treasure chest. Here’s the thing - we all go through times in our lives when we need a bit of support from those around us, and although in an ideal world we would like to have superhero level magical people to turn to, this just isn’t really the case in the real world! To take a word from the great JK Rowling, we have to depend on mere muggles to help us through all of our different and varied life struggles, but this doesn’t have to be an issue at all if you know which kinds of muggles you need to amass to make a superhero type team! Here are fifteen kinds of magical muggles that you need in your life.

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The Lover

Everybody needs an epic love in their life. This could be romantic or platonic. There are no set rules for the type of love you will find, but there will always be that one person who rises above the rest to steal your heart.


The Cuppa

Your cuppa is that one person in your life who you can always turn to for a good gossip and cup of tea on the sofa. They don’t might going for hours, and they don’t mind talking about all of the fun but insignificant things in life.


The Sister

Not a blood sibling, but that one person who might as well have been your twin! The closeness between the two of you is unrivalled. It’s the whole ‘we finish each other’s sentences’ kind of vibe!


The Mentor

This person always seems to know how to help you out and give you the advice and tips for achieving everything you want to achieve. They are wise, understanding, and seem to know exactly what you’re are looking for when you come to them.


The Healer

This person knows exactly what to do for you when you are hurt or feeling down or have experienced a setback in life. They instinctively know what to do make you feel better, it’s a very special bond and connection to share with someone.


The Strategist

This is somebody who knows you inside and out, and already has a plan formulated for your next big life event before you have even started to think about it yourself! They are almost seen as your manager in life, a vital presence to set you on the right course.


The Energizer

Basically your very own hype man! Just being around this person fills you with energy and motivation to be a better version of yourself and keep trying for those goals that other people make seem impossible. Nothing is impossible when you your energizer is at your side!


The Triumphant Contemporary

This is a friend or close friend who is absolutely killing the game and succeeding in all areas of their life. Rather than being a source of jealousy, though, they are a source of inspiration to you, motivating you to reach for your dreams just like they reached for theirs.


The Coach

This is the friend who always has at least five positive mantras and compliments for you about any given subject, and they can also incorporate this positivity with tips and encouragement that can actually contribute to you being successful.


The Recharge

This is the person who you still want to hang out with even when your energy levels are only at ten or fifteen percent. In fact, not only do they provide comfort, but they also provide a sense of recharging. You always feels stronger and better after hanging out with your recharge.


The Believer

This is the friend who believes in you and your abilities, no matter what you are looking to put your mind to. They don’t have any preconceptions or expectations about what it is you should be doing, they just love and support you in all of your ventures.


The Spark

The spark is the person in your life who will come in in a whirlwind and provide you with that extra jolt of electricity and inspiration that you are looking for. They don’t always know what to say, but they do have an undeniably enigmatic energy.


The Planner

This is the person that you need in your life who will take control of all group situations and make sure that plans are perfected. You will never have to worry about any unforeseen circumstances when your planner is in charge!


The Star

The star in your life is the person who has the power to drag you out of all the day to day bullshit and make you feel at peace with everything on a much deeper level. They are able to calm you down and make you get over the little things.


The Anchor

Without the anchor, you would be afloat forever. This is the person who keeps you grounded and isn’t afraid to check you when you are getting too big for your boots. They might seem harsh at times, but they always have your best interests at heart!

Some of us are lucky to have all these superhumans in our lives. Sometimes we come across that gem who embodies a few of these superpowers. Whichever magical muggles you have in your life, treasure them.

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