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You'll Be Happier if You Stop Stressing about the Little Things ...

By Holly

There are little things to stop stressing over if you want to live a happier, more relaxed life. You can't keep worrying about every tiny thing that happens to you, or you'll make yourself sick. Stress is a dangerous thing that's impossible to avoid, but it's important to try your best to delete it from your life. Here are some little things to stop stressing over:

1 Matching Eyeliner

Your looks are one of the little things to stop stressing over if you want to live a more relaxed life. As fierce as you want your winged eyeliner to look, it's okay if the sides aren't exactly symmetrical. Don't spend two hours trying to make them perfect, or trying to get every strand of hair to remain in place. It's okay if you're not perfectly put together. No one will care, or even notice.

2 Replies to Texts

You want to impress your crush, but you shouldn't stress over what exact words to include in a text message to him. It's better to sound natural than to sound like a robot that rewrote her reply several times before finding the courage to send it. Also, when he texts back, don't spend hours trying to figure out what he meant by whatever he typed.

3 Others' Opinions

Does it really matter if your neighbors think you're lazy, because you go out in your pajamas to get the mail? There's no reason to stress out about what others are saying about you. No matter how perfect you look and act, they'll always find something negative to say.

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4 Counting Calories

It's understandable that you wouldn't want to eat thousands of calories in one sitting. However, you shouldn't turn down a chocolate bar when you haven't even a bite of junk food all week long. There's no reason to stress yourself out too much about what you're eating. Sometimes,

5 Getting Good Grades

When you're in high school or college, everyone pushes you to get the best grades that you can get. But if you fail one test, it's not the end of the world. You should study as much as you think you need to, but don't cry from the stress. It's just not worth it.

6 Pricey Items

Yeah, things are pricey nowadays, but that shouldn't stop you from buying the things that you need. If a hamburger costs five dollars more than what you want to spend, but you're starving and have nothing else to eat, then don't stress over spending the money. You earn it, then you use it. That's the point. You're not supposed to hold onto it forever.

7 Malfunctioning Electronics

As much as we love our phones and laptops, they can cause an extreme amount of stress. Your printer will stop working the night that you need to print out a 10-page essay and your Internet will disconnect right when you need to send an important email. Those things are bound to happen, so don't stress out over them. If you stay calm, you'll have a much better chance of fixing the issue instead of freaking out over it and accomplishing nothing.

You're always going to have stress in your life, but it's important to decide what's worth your worries. The little things shouldn't cause you to break down crying. There are more important things going on in your life. What do you stress out about the most?

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