11 Little Changes That Will Boost Your Confidence Today ...


What does feeling confident mean to you? As concepts, confidence and self-esteem are hugely personal. What makes you feel confident could be totally different to me, or your best friend, or your Mom. You could find looking great boosts your confidence, or feeling funny, or showing off your sharp wit and intelligence. You could find that just looking after yourself gives you a boost, or jumping into an intellectual debate. It could be helping people, or spending time with your partner. Whatever makes you feel confident, these little tips will give you a boost and make you feel on top of the world – without requiring much time or commitment.

1. Go Natural

Yep, just once, embrace yourself for who you really are. I’m not saying that you should ditch the hairbrush or throw away your lipstick, but think about the parts of you that you hide, and instead, embrace them. Always straighten your hair? Go curly. Live in heels? Rock some super cute flats. Everyone has things about themselves that they would edit, but embracing them will make you feel more natural – and give you a confidence boost.

Get Clean
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