7 Limiting Phrases You Say That Age You ...


7 Limiting Phrases You Say That Age You ...
7 Limiting Phrases You Say That Age You ...

Everyone says limiting phrases without realizing it and over time, they can take a toll on your health, well-being and age you. We’d be rich if we put a dollar in a jar every time we said something negative about ourselves. Supposedly, human beings think negative thoughts 75% of the time. Imagine if we switched to thinking positive thoughts 75% of the time; what kind of world would we live in? I challenge you to say the opposite of these limiting phrases for a day, a week or even longer!

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"I Am Too Old for That"

I’m putting this at the top of the list because we’ve all said limiting phrases like this! Try not to discriminate against yourself because of your age. People frequently tell me I don’t look or act my age! Isn’t it the age that our spirit feels that counts, not a man-made number marked by our birthdays each year? As a society, we tend to associate and reference ourselves according to our age, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but try switching the above statement to, “I am free to be me no matter what age I am” and see if your outlook on ageism shifts.


"I Can’t do That"

Another limiting phrase from our inner voice that we say when faced with something scary or challenging. It’s our subconscious trying to protect us, but in actuality, it is limiting us from discovering our full potential. Instead, try switching this limiting phrase to, “I can do that” or “I will be able to do that.”


"I Look Old"

Again, and similarly to the first point, this is a limiting phrase that we naturally say to ourselves when we’re in front of a mirror or surrounded by youngsters! I think we all judge ourselves in relation to others by our age, how we look, and what we’re wearing. It’s a natural bi-product of our society. Say to yourself, “I look and feel young,” whenever you catch yourself saying you look old.


"I Am Tired"

I know it’s tempting to say this phrase and we could genuinely have run a marathon and therefore be tired and in need of a nap. However, I hear people say this when they’re not that tired. It is a negative phrase that can limit our ability to perform our daily activities and make us feel drained and discouraged. Instead, say to yourself, “I have lots of energy.” You might just find that you perk up!


"I Am Not Good Enough"

This could be a phrase left over from childhood or it’s simply one of those negative self-beliefs that we have. If you grew up in a perfectionist family or were belittled, you could have this limiting phrase circling inside your head. Try saying, “I am perfect, whole and complete” and see how it changes your perspective and outlook on yourself.


"I Don’t Have Any Skills or Talents"

I used to compare myself with others and thought they were so much more talented than I was. Yet, I’ve come to realize that I am unique and talented in my own right and have abilities that no one else can offer. Everyone has something they’re gifted at, even if they’re still struggling to figure out what they are. Don’t worry, they will come; try saying to yourself, “I am talented and I am always learning new skills.” Over time, you will realize just how talented and unique you are!


"Bad Things Always Happen to Me"

Be careful not to let yourself dwell on this statement. You are the sum of your thoughts; you are made of energy and can choose whether your energy is positive or negative. Just because something consistently bad happens to you doesn’t mean you can’t alter that pattern. Empower yourself! Deliberately direct your thoughts towards outcomes you desire. Try consciously guiding your thoughts in the general direction of what you desire by saying, “good things always happen to me, I am lucky in my life and I am working towards manifesting X in my life.”

Limiting phrases and beliefs do influence our life’s outcome and are consistent with the universal Law of Attraction. Whatever is happening to you is a direct match to the current energy vibration of your being. By reframing limiting phrases and seeing them in a constructive light will help you see that you have control over your mind, not the other way round. As a result of our vibrational energy and thought patterns, we can control our life’s outcome.
What are some limiting phrases you say that age you?

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I come from a performance-based family, so # 5 really hit home. Results were never good enough. As an adult, I tell myself I'll never apologize for having expectations. They're called "standards." Unfortunately, they're sometimes unrealistic. 😕

hmmm... I often say "I'm not good enough" that to prevent myself from becoming too proud though.

lines are missing from the posts with this format. very frustrating!

some lines are missing, fix it. very stressful cn't continue till end😒😞😳

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