7 Incredible Things We All Learn from Struggles 😱😭😫 ...


Difficult times occur for various reasons; it could be the loss of a family member, loss of a job, a broken friendship or many other reasons. But one thing is certain; you’ll always learn life lessons when you’re going through something difficult. I’ve gone through a difficult time in the last few months and emerged as a stronger person and you’ll do the same thing. I hope that sharing the life lessons I’ve learned is helpful to you.

1. Give Yourself the Gift of Gentleness

When you go through something difficult, be gentle with yourself. Comfort yourself the way you would a friend going through the same thing. Sometimes you have to be your own friend and encourage your own heart. That’s more than okay; in fact, it shows that you have strong coping skills. It’s wonderful if you can see that you need to treat yourself with gentleness.

Break the Cycle of Unfairness, Unkindness or Injustice
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