2. You Are Your Biggest Competition

When we go into business the ultimate goal is to make some money. We all need to pay bills. Most likely there are other people in your space approaching the problem you are trying to solve, selling a product similar to yours, or applying for the same position that just opened up at your company. Although it is absolutely necessary to know who the other players are and what they are offering, the best thing you can do is focus on who you are in the space and how you can shine in your own unique way.

There will always be someone you perceive as being farther along than you, of being happier, of being more successful, etc. In reality, you can never know what is really going on in a person’s life and you can never compete with illusion or perception. But you know yourself; you are your biggest competition. There are other mobile fitness apps that approach the problem of no motivation and lack of support when it comes to exercise. I look at FitMuses as an opportunity to appr oach this problem from my own unique perspective. That goes for life in general too. Concentrate on what your unique talent and skill set is that you are sharing with the world, strive to improve your own execution of your unique self, and people will take notice.

Networking/Meeting New People Can Be Energizing
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