8 Kinds of Intelligence: Which do You Have? ...


Did you know there are different kinds of intelligence? Many of us spend hours on self assessment and critique, pondering on how we act and think, and what drives us, but have you given any thought that we might be pigeon-holed by the type of intelligence(s) we have. Dr. Howard Gardner, a professor of neuroscience at Harvard University, developed his theory of Multiple Intelligences. According to his theory there are eight different kinds of intelligence that reflect the various ways we interact with the world. Each of us has a unique blend of these intelligences. We possess all eight kinds of intelligence, just in different proportions.

1. Interpersonal Intelligence

In the past, emotional intelligence hasn’t really been “measured separately”; instead intelligence tests have strived to establish general intelligence (IQ), and general cognitive intelligence. Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory breaks general intelligence down.

This is one of the two kinds of intelligence ascribed by Gardner as relating to our emotions, thoughts and behaviors. Interpersonal intelligence is how we interact with others. It includes our sensitivity to the emotions and feelings of others and how we react to them and how we react to and deal with the temperaments and motivations of people we come in contact with.

Intrapersonal Intelligence
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