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There are many interesting facts about dreams. Every living creature that can sleep has the capability to dream. Even if you don’t think you dream at night, you do. Even people who have serious cases of insomnia dream when they are awake, and these waking dreams are also known as hallucinations. If you’re curious about what happens in your sleep, have a seat and read these interesting facts about dreams!

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You Incorporate Reality into Your Dreams

One of the first interesting facts about dreams is that you can incorporate things that happen in real life into your dreams. Have you ever heard a song playing in your dream only to wake up and find out that it was playing on the radio? Or maybe you have a dream that your alarm clock goes off too late but then you wake up from your actual alarm at the exact time you set it for? This happens because your body is in the middle of REM sleep, which is the deepest sleep you can have, and your body is struggling to wake itself up.


Animals Dream Too

If you have a dog, you might have seen him dreaming. Dogs are known to run and even bark in their sleep. But dogs aren’t the only animals who dream. Horses, cats, and even elephants dream.


Everybody Dreams

Every human being dreams. Many people will tell you that they never dream, when the truth is that they just don’t remember their dreams. In an entire lifetime, a person will only remember 10% of their dreams. Many dreams occur when people are infants, and since people usually don’t remember any memories from their infancy, how are they supposed to remember their dreams?


Not Everyone Dreams in Color

Believe it or not, 12% of the population dreams in black and white. Before the 1950’s, even more people were dreaming without color. Scientists think that this is because of the transition from black and white television to color.


Blind People Dream

People who became blind after birth can see images in their dreams. And people who have never been able to see can still have dreams, but instead of seeing images they hear, feel, taste and smell more vividly in dreams than people who can see images.


You Can Experience Orgasms While Dreaming

Everyone has sexual dreams. They usually start at the beginning of puberty, even if the person has never experienced an orgasm before. Many people even say that the orgasms they have are more powerful in their dream than the ones that they have in real life! Don’t tell your husband that!


You Dream Most about the Things That Stress You out

The things that stress you out the most during the day will follow you into your dreams at night. They may come in different forms than they do in real life. For example, if you feel that the people around you are hiding something, you may dream about them wearing costumes. I kept having recurring dreams about my friend because she was changing herself for a guy to like her. I kept dreaming that I was looking for her, and when I found her she was wearing a mask, as if she was trying to be someone she wasn’t.

Dreams can be symbolic, lovely, sexual, and even terrifying. The truth is that everyone has them. Some people never remember them, and some people have dreams that are so realistic that they actually sleepwalk and act out their dreams. Dreams are an escape from reality whether they are beautiful or nightmares. Do you know any interesting facts about dreams?

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I've had some insane dreams about different animals like an ox chasing me with a bow and arrow and when I look up the meaning it always has to do w sexual fantasies. Starting to wonder if my needs are getting met!!!!!

Every time I read a new book or watch a movie that I fangirl over I get a dream about it. Yesterday I finished a book series and last night I had a very vivid dream about that series. It's always so sad when I wake up.

If I have played candy crush in the day I always dream about it..

It's the first time for me to know that even other creatures dream too.. I have this thing that I see a dream and it happens the next day. Or sometimes I dream about a situation and it happens when I wake up.. The strangest of all is that I see something or talk about something and I think that I did see or experienced this before. I have once read that a person will forget his dream after few minutes waking up but I do remember all the dreams I dreamt about.

I do have orgasms while dreaming...and I'm just 14

I never drank and yesterday I dreamt that I was smashed drinking tequila and whatnot. I even felt the burn sensation in my throat while drinking... But I've never ever ever drank in my whole life... Just weird

I remember dreams where my boyfriend's in them, and i get a few of those every week! It always feels like he's right there, except when i wake up that's never reality.. I miss my man!

most of my dreams (that i can remember) are about things that I want to happen or things that I like

I'm 15, what is an orgasm

And once there was a song playing on the radio and it became part of my dream and the lyrics changed to go with the situation and when I woke up it was so funny I started laughing :)

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