7 Inspirational Quotes about Education to Learn from ...

I love quotes and there are some fabulous and inspirational quotes about education to learn from, which I would like to share. You could probably argue that most quotes are educational to a certain extent, as they teach us something about the world around us or ourselves. There are however, some quotes which are specifically about the power of education and learning and these are the ones I would like to share with you. Fear not, these are not just quotes about 'schooling' in the conventional sense; they are quotes about the broader meaning of the word and are some of my favorite quotes about education.

1. Henry B Adams

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Ok, this is one of my favorite quotes about education but is also scares me slightly as it reminds me of the responsibility a teacher has in terms of their effect on a student. We all affect those around us but teachers in particular are remembered. For example, which teachers can you remember from school and why do you remember them? Yeah, I knew you would think of one quite quickly! A teacher really can have a profound effect on a student. I can remember teachers good and bad from school and I can even remember things that they have said. It makes me sometimes think twice before speaking. Thank goodness for my inner filter!

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