Inspirational Poets to Follow on IG for Your Daily Dose of Spirit ...


Inspirational Poets to Follow on IG for Your Daily Dose of Spirit ...
Inspirational Poets to Follow on IG for Your Daily Dose of Spirit ...


The writers at just shared these fantastic Instagram accounts for girls who love poetry. And if you don't you will after one look at any of these. Poetry is such a great way to tune into your inner literary genius or give you a dose of emotion for your day. Whatever makes your soul happy is sure to be found in a good poem, something you'll find from any of these Instagram poetry experts. Have a look. You won't be disappointed.

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Whether it’s an ode to wine, a celebration of donuts, or an Insta-stalking confession, Samantha Jayne knows exactly what you’re going through. Come for the poetry; stay for the giggles.


Yesika Salgado’s poetry will leave you loving your body, Drake, and your BFFs more than ever. Follow her feed for her bold poetry and her unrelenting championing of women. She’ll have you sporting bold lips and a crop top in no time.


The images might be quiet, but Rupi Kaur’s poetry is anything but shy. After you’ve devoured her poems about love and femininity on Instagram, be sure to check out her IRL collection of poetry, Milk and Honey.


Nikita Gill has the #girlpower poetry you need when life is getting you down. Whether she’s writing about heartbreak or powerful queens, her ‘grams will leave you feeling nourished.


This feed combines some of our most favorite elements: poetry, color, and quirky props. Beware: The backdrops might be cheery, but the poetry still packs a punch.


When it’s gray and stormy outside and you can’t remember what a flower looks like, turn to Gemma Troy’s Instagram. Your brain and your eyes will thank you.


Lauren Eden’s poetry about bad decisions and good life lessons are a powerful reminder that beauty can come from heartache.


Whether her poems are typewritten or scrawled on a sheet of notebook paper, they provide a gentle peek at the world and a nice reminder to slow down and savor our surroundings.


Alexandra Elle’s newest collection of poetry, Neon Soul, is what first led us to her feed. Her ‘grams, like her poetry, focus on self-love and self-acceptance. We’re obsessed with her affirmation series.


With over 300,000 followers and a devoted fan base that includes Karli Kloss, Atticus must be doing something right! Delivered in one or two line quips, his poetry is packed full of emotion.‌‌

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