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Inspirational LGBT YouTube Channels You Should Start Watching ...

By Heather

YouTube has a plethora of inspiring videos, not to mention a wealth of vloggers who really do make the world a better place. We live in a world where everyone needs heroes, inspirations, and kindred spirits at some point, to help them get through something. I want to share some of my favorite YouTubers with you. Specifically, here are some truly amazing, incredibly inspiring LGBT YouTube channels that are definitely worth subscribing to.

1 Tyler Oakley

You know Tyler, right? He's got a huge Tumblr and Twitter presence, too, but his inspirational YouTube channel is a huge help to tons of LGBT+ youth. You also can't beat that sass!

2 Wickydkewl (aka Davey Wavey)

Davey Wavey has been around FOREVER. He's good for a laugh and he's trying to get more diverse, which is cool – and much-needed.

3 GayGod (aka Matthew Lush)

I love Matthew's channel for lots of reasons – because he's too cute and I adore his personality, but also, he's documented his relationship with another YouTuber on this list, and I've enjoyed watching their journey so much!

4 Bria and Chrissy

Bria and Chrissy are so awesome! They make amazing music together, but I especially love their little sketches aimed at showing the “truth” of lesbian life.

5 Ashley Mardell

Ashley is fantastic! She's so relatable, I get so excited when she shares a new video!

6 Connor Franta

Connor's channel is so much fun! He shares great skits, plus there are more than a few stellar celeb appearances.

7 GirlfriendsTV

Arielle Scarcella, the brains behind GirlfriendsTV, needs to be my new BFF. Her channel includes weekly updates about her life, lists, funny sketches, and interviews, all with a focus on LGBT topics.

8 Troye Sivan

I am so in love with Troye Sivan. I love his music, I love his videos, I love his messages – I love him!

9 Russ Marine

Russ's YouTube channel is just the best. I love his videos about his military service – the way he opens up is so brave!

10 Now This is Living

Oh, yeah. This really is living. One video and you'll fall in love with this channel.

11 RoseEllenDix

Rose Ellen! I can watch her videos over and over and over!

12 UnsolicitedProject

UnsolicitedProject is alternately called The Gay Women Channel. I love that the vlogs work so hard to dispel common misconceptions and stereotypes about gay women.

13 What the Buck? (aka Michael Buckley)

Michael Buckley is my favorite gossip. His videos are fast, pithy, a little catty, and always funny – can't beat that!

14 Joey Graceffa

Joey is an adorable nerd. He also shares his life in such a candid way that it's easy to relate to him on a personal level.

15 Shep689 (aka Will and RJ)

If you've ever wanted to sneak a peek into the day-to-day life of a gay couple, this is the perfect channel to follow. Spoiler alert: the day-to-day life of a gay couple is probably exactly like yours.

16 Nick Laws

Anyone else ship Nick and GayGod forever? I know I'm not the only one!

17 V-Squared

Luke and Vinny! My favorite newlyweds! These two cuties are based in the UK. I love them because the long-distance aspect of their relationship reminds me of mine. They're so in love!

Got any LGBT YouTube channels you recommend?

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