9 Important Things Every Woman Should Stop Doing ...

It’s a well-known fact that sometimes, we are our own worst enemies and that we often sabotage ourselves and our hard work, so that’s why, I believe you must know what are, in my opinion, the most important things every woman should stop doing. I know that sometimes, these things can be easier said than done, but I think that if you realize what those things every woman should stop doing are, you could refocus your entire energy and efforts and you won’t waste any more precious time with stuff that could affect you in a negative way or which could cause you quite a few problems.

1. Apologizing

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Among the things every woman should stop doing; I think the most important is to stop apologizing all the time for every little thing. It’s okay to take responsibility for your mistakes, but don’t take it too far! You have the right to have an opinion and you don’t have to agree with everybody else. You can have your own preferences and you can spend your time the way you want. Say I’m sorry only when you did something wrong, not because you can’t always fulfill somebody’s requirements. You have a right to choose and you don’t need to apologize for your choices.

2. Being a People Pleaser

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The key to a happy and fulfilled life is to stop being a people pleaser, and to stop saying yes to everybody else and no to yourself. Just set some clear boundaries and don’t be afraid to respect them! You won’t lose the love and appreciation of the people around you. Just don’t allow your anxieties and insecurities make your decisions for you and think about yourself once in a while. You should first make yourself happy and then help everybody else.

3. Food = Enemy

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Another very important thing every woman should stop doing in order to live a healthy and satisfying life is to stop viewing food as the enemy. It’s okay to care about the way you look and feel, but you must be careful not to turn it into an obsession. It’s such a thin line between healthy eating and starving yourself. You should pay attention to what you’re eating, how much or where it’s from, but you shouldn’t do it with guilt. Remember: “Food should not come with regrets”.

4. Comparing Yourself to the People You Know

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Another thing every woman should immediately stop doing is comparing herself with others. A lot of people tend to compare their real life with their friends’ virtual lives but you must know that in fact, research has shown that “Facebook addiction is correlated with low self-esteem” and that by constantly comparing yourself to those around you, you could feel even more depressed and anxious. So, just stop doing it! After all, you don’t know the whole story, and there's more to a person than meets the eye.

5. Wearing Heels Every Day

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Maybe a lot of women will not agree with me on this one, but I’m sure you know that it’s not that healthy to wear high heels every single day. You may think you look fabulous in a gorgeous pair of stilettos, but you can still look amazing in a pair of flats too. Just embrace comfort every now and then, and remember that flat shoes can be very stylish too. Give your feet a break and try wearing a pair of flats to work tomorrow.

6. Fearing Being Alone

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Some people stay in a relationship not because of love, but just for the sake of being in a relationship and because they fear they might end up all alone. Don’t be one of them! You will feel more miserable by being in a relationship that you don’t really want, than being single and having fun. Don’t worry, you’ll meet the right guy; just be patient and enjoy the ride! After all, no one’s really alone, because just like Shirley MacLaine once said: “The most profound relationship we'll ever have is the one with ourselves.”.

7. Frenemies

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Another thing most women do, that is in fact very wrong, is that they tend to hold on to their toxic friendships and keep their frenemies close because they don’t wanna hurt anyone’s feelings. Well, get a grip on yourself. Life is too short to waste time with people who don’t deserve your attention and who make you feel bad about yourself. You should be enjoying every moment, not thinking about the feelings of the people who constantly hurt yours.

8. Setting Deadlines for Important Life Events

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Another common mistake most women do nowadays is the fact that they tend to plan to the smallest detail, their entire life and set deadlines for every major life event. If you’re one of them, you should immediately stop doing it! Things will happen when they happen, when you are ready or not and whether or not you planned them to happen. You can’t control everything and it’s not a tragedy if you didn’t get married until you were 30 or had a child at 35. Some things need time and patience on your behalf, so just remember that and enjoy the uncertainty of life.

9. Not Taking Your Vacation Days

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I know that you may love your job and that you really are a hard worker who wants promotion as soon as possible, but you shouldn’t forget about your vacation days. After all, it’s a well-known fact that people who take some time off now and then are more likely to be happy, healthy and productive workers. So, by not taking your paid vacation days, you’ll only be sabotaging yourself and your career. Just think again the next time you don’t take advantage of your vacation days and reconsider your options.

These were, in my opinion, the most important things every woman should stop from this moment on, in order to live a more healthy, more happy and fulfilled life. Do you know any other things that I should have added to my list? Please share your suggestions with us in the comments section!


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