How You Can Have a Healthier Body Image ...


How You Can Have a Healthier Body Image ...
How You Can Have a Healthier Body Image ...

If you find yourself looking at magazines in envy and then dissecting your own body, you are not alone. And you have insecurities you have hidden but when your clothes come off, these insecurities come out. You may find yourself staring at pictures of yourself honing in on every body part you want to work on. And you find yourself doubting when someone compliments your body because of your internal unhappiness. But I am here as your certified trainer, inspirational leader and friend to tell you shake out of it and find happiness within. You cannot live the life you deserve until you find inner peace. So stop searching to everyone for this and just be happy with yourself. Love your body and all that is does and follow my tips too!

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Eat Healthier

Make healthier food choices and treat your body the way it deserves with nurturing food. If you make nutritious choices you will not only feel better but when you look in the mirror you will be confident by the healthy food choices you have made. Your body is your temple so treat it in this regard and love yourself with healthy meals!


Go for a Run or Walk

There is nothing more empowering, in my opinion, than going for a run. You feel strong, beautiful and sexy. And your confidence and energy carries you every step of the way. So get out and enjoy the day with a run to a healthier and happier body image!


Love Your Body

Love your legs because they carry you where you need to go, your arms because they help you to perform the tasks you need to and all the special differences you have in your body, curves and all because this makes you YOU! Embrace the beauty of yourself and love every feature of yours. It is time to confront yourself and find love within!


Take a Few Flattering Pics

Have your own fashion show with your friends and take a few pictures to inspire one another. Just a few flattering pictures can remind yourself of how beautiful you really are. If you want to love a happy and healthy life, you need to be happy with the girl in the mirror!


Wear Something Fitted

Wear something fitted today and embrace your body. Your body is beautiful and you need to own it. Stop hiding loose fitting clothes and embrace the beauty and grace of your body. Your body is unique and special so wear something that shows a little of this off. And do this for yourself and not anyone else, it is time for you to live life for you and be proud!


Lift Weights

Lifting weights will boost your metabolism and help you to build lean muscle mass. You will not only feel better, lean down but also have more confidence because of what you accomplished. So go ahead and pump some iron!



When you look in the mirror, smile and be proud of yourself. You need to highlight all the good and stop searching for bad. You are special, loved and amazing. So be proud of your amazing body and fuel with the healthy foods your body deserves.

With a healthier body image, you feel like nothing can stand in your way. So go ahead and go for the gusto. Are you ready to accomplish amazement?

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