Inspiring 🌟 Tips to Turn Your Pain 😭 into a Lesson on Growing 💪🏼 ...


No one wants to suffer pain but there is no escaping it. Life is full of heartaches. From the relatively minor disappointment of not getting the promotion at work to the death of a loved one, pain tests your emotions and resolve every time. But you can turn pain into something that, while not a positive feeling, is a positive force in your life. You can gain from pain:

1. Observe

One of the ways you can make pain work for you is to, rather than letting your mind take you directly to a different plan, actually observe the event that has caused you pain and try to direct your emotion in a healthy, non hysterical way. This can work for both physical and emotional pain, as the more calmly you are able to digest your pain, the less likely you are to do something bad or react in an overly negative manner.

Ask for Help
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