How to Be a People Magnet for Girls Who Are Feeling Lonely ...


How to Be a People Magnet for Girls Who Are Feeling Lonely ...
How to Be a People Magnet for Girls Who Are Feeling Lonely ...

Sometimes you’re lonely. Sometimes you just want to widen your social circle. Sometimes you may have just moved home. It’s not easy making friends even if you’re an outgoing person. But friends aren’t just going to appear; they have to be cultivated. Here’s how to be the girl other girls want to be around.

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Get out of Your Own Head

face, black, black and white, photography, darkness, At times, we all make the mistake of imposing our own insecurities on to others and thinking that they are feeling that same about us as we ourselves are. This is generally not the case, so try not to worry so hard about what people are thinking of you. If you are being a kind and open person, the high probability is that the small flaws you see in yourself are completely invisible to others.


Don’t Be Scared

romance, interaction, It can definitely be scary to attempt to break out of the lonely comfort zone that you have made for yourself, but the only way to create a new normal, one of fun and friends, is to get out there and throw yourself in to the social scene head first. It’s better to live with memories than with regrets.


Start Small

singing, PARC, EQuEJTMBB, Headfirst doesn’t necessarily mean starting super big. It just means having the conviction to begin. Try going out for coffee in a popular, crowded spot, you never know what kind of attention you might attract right off the bat!


Get outside of Your Home

singing, interaction, feel, loved!, Though small bouts of loneliness can often be alleviated by online social interaction, to really make a big difference in your life you need to leave the house and get in touch with real people. Try joining a club based on a hobby of yours; that’s always a great way to meet like-minded people.


Be Proactive

audience, Don’t be scared to be the person who makes the first move, whether that is in a platonic sense or a romantic sense! Putting out the feelers for friendship or perhaps something more is the most direct way to go about it, especially if you can sense shyness on the other side too!


Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

human action, person, photography, selfie, romance, Are you, perhaps, a little too picky when it comes to socializing? Try to eliminate the tendency to form an opinion of a person with the first minute of meeting them: it can really limit your options and could prove to be a big missed opportunity in some cases.


Be Interested

human action, performing arts, dance, sports, entertainment, This tip goes along the lines of you have to be interested to be interesting! We all know one of those types of killjoys who don’t seem to be enthusiastic about anything at all. Do you want to hang out with them all the time? No! Exactly!


Keep in Touch with People

people, singing, interaction, -yerehdisne, Numblr, Make an effort to stay connected to friends and family who may not be right next door. it makes it much easier to reconnect in person on the occasions that you have the opportunity to do so. People often find themselves becoming lonely because they failed to put the effort in to preserving relationships.


Make Yourself Indispensable

hair, person, hairstyle, got, you, Be a great friend. Keep secrets, share your own secrets, be there when you are needed, and you will never be lonely again because your peers will miss the support and good times that you share with them!

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I feel like i dont have any friends. Everybody just cut me out. Or is it just me who cut myself out ? 😞

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