How to Be a People Magnet πŸ“ for Girls Who Are Feeling Lonely 😐 ...


Sometimes you’re lonely. Sometimes you just want to widen your social circle. Sometimes you may have just moved home. It’s not easy making friends even if you’re an outgoing person. But friends aren’t just going to appear; they have to be cultivated. Here’s how to be the girl other girls want to be around.

1. Get out of Your Own Head

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At times, we all make the mistake of imposing our own insecurities on to others and thinking that they are feeling that same about us as we ourselves are. This is generally not the case, so try not to worry so hard about what people are thinking of you. If you are being a kind and open person, the high probability is that the small flaws you see in yourself are completely invisible to others.

Don’t Be Scared
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