6. Discover Who You Really Are

Before you can learn how to be more spiritual, you need to undergo an honest self-assessment. Who are you really beneath that mask of negativity? Would you be any different, if you moved to a hotter/colder climate, or changed your gender/hairdo/car? Inside, we remain exactly who we were at age 17, although we may have greater insight into the world around us and lost our "innocence".

When you try to redefine yourself, bear this in mind and tackle the things you don't like about yourself first, no matter how uncomfortable or difficult this might be. You'll work out quickly that the things you don't like about yourself are also the things that put off others from being friends with you. Spirituality doesn't require you to live in a temple complex, chant all day long and wear a specific outfit - it's something deep inside you that opens up your heart to others and embraces life to the full.

Consider How You Can Be of Help to Others
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