Hearts Tied with String by Erin Hanson ...


Hearts Tied with String by Erin Hanson ...
Hearts Tied with String by Erin Hanson ...

Hearts Tied with String by Erin Hanson

When we were young we tied our heartstrings
To a helium balloon,
In hopes, they'd carry us away
To carve our names upon the moon.
Every bruised knee was a battle wound
From monsters, we had slain,
We had hearts like howling wolves
And were the rulers of the rain.
Every tree branch has a tower
From which to gaze over our realm,
And when our lives bred stormy seas
We were the captains at the helm.
But even dreamers wide awake
Have shadows wrapped around their feet,
And every hero meets a monster
That they cannot seem to beat.
So we traded our storybooks,
Bid our balloons upon goodbye,
While our wolf howls turn to whispers,
As they were swallowed by the sky.
"The real world is a war" you said,
"On those whose hearts are wild,
And to win we must grow up
Yet keep the wonder of a child."
So when the reality is grating
I'll let you know what it's worth,
That I still dream of one-day stargazing
From the rooftop of the earth.


When we were young we are full of wonders. We love to go out at night to see the stars and loved to make up stories and made wonders with the stars. We rarely go out and see the stars today, our faces and time are on our phones, gadgets, and computers and before you know it time has passed by and your not aware of it. Our digital world consumes our time, some of it runs our life, but don't you think it would be awesome to be that kid who wants to run in the field, lay in the grass and gaze at the wonders of the universe? When we grow up we meet a lot of monsters to fight, some are tangible, some are in your head but always keep in your heart that same child who made a lot of wonders, dreamt big, and fought battles like the stories you have overcome.

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