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7 Great Ideas for Spending Your Penny Jar ...

By Alison

Do you need some ideas for spending the contents of your penny jar? By the time you've filled it to the top, a penny jar can contain quite a surprising sum. It's nice to dedicate it to something special - but what could that be? Well, there are all kinds of ways in which you could treat yourself or someone else. So here are some super ideas for spending your penny jar …

1 Donate

One of the nicest ideas for spending your penny jar is to donate it to a charity. When my penny jar is full, I'm going to give it to a cat rescue. They're a really tiny group and need all the help they can get. The great thing about using your penny jar in this way is that you don't even notice the money coming out of your pocket. You won't miss the small change, so if you don't already have a penny jar why not start one?

2 Dinner

You might think that the contents of your penny jar won't amount to much. Depending on the size of your jar, though, the total may surprise you. In fact, you may actually have enough to enjoy a meal out. Of course, you'll want to take the coins to the bank first - it would be embarrassing to pay for your meal with a mountain of loose change!

3 Weekend Away

Do you have one of those massive bottles that are nearly as tall as you are? It might take years to fill those up to the top, but just think how much money it will contain! A large penny jar might just have sufficient funds in it to pay for a weekend away. What a lovely treat that would be! If your jar is smaller, and you're planning a weekend trip, you could use the money to pay for one aspect of the trip, such as a lovely meal or a memento.

4 Treat

The possibilities are endless here. Think of something that you normally couldn't afford, or justify the purchase. Many of us are on tight budgets these days and have little money to spend on ourselves. But here is the opportunity to splash out and buy something frivolous! Buy something just for yourself, that you're going to love.

5 Gift

As well as treating yourself, a great use for your penny jar is to use it to buy someone a gift. Is there a birthday coming up? Would you like to thank someone for doing you a favor? Or would you like to cheer up a friend who's going through a rough patch? It can feel just as lovely to buy a gift for someone else as it feels to treat yourself.

6 Lottery Ticket

We all know that the chances of winning the lottery are extremely slim, but the occasional flutter can be fun. If you use the contents of your penny jar to buy a ticket, perhaps once a week, you can enjoy the thrill of hoping your numbers will come up without feeling that you have wasted your hard-earned cash. Besides, you never know!

7 Investment

Okay, you won't be able to buy a gold bar with your pennies, but you can use them for another kind of investment. What could that be? It could be a literal investment like a few shares. Have fun seeing what happens. You won't make a fortune, but equally you won't be wasting one either, if your shares go down. Or you could put the money towards a class that will help you achieve a long-cherished goal.

If you don't have a penny jar, then start one! It's easy to quickly accumulate a lot of small change, so clean out your wallet regularly. You won't miss the small coins, and it's surprising how quickly the money adds up. Try not to dip into the coins when you need some change (this is easier if you only put in low-denomination coins). Do you have a plan for your penny jar?

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