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19 Goals to Make for 2019 ...

By Tecla

2018 is coming to an end and soon your thoughts will turn to how you want to be better in 2019. You don't need to make New Year's resolutions that you know you'll break. Focus on some achievable goals and moving forward. Here are 19 goals you should make for 2019.

1 Become Fiscally Responsible Because Who Doesn't Want a Great Credit Score!

2 Keep Yourself Open to Love and Not Necessarily a Partner but It Could Be Love from Friends and Family

3 Exercise and Watch Diet so You Can Be in Your Best Physical Health

4 Take Breaks from Social Media at Least Once a Month Where You Unplugged from the Internet and Give Your Mind a Break

5 Be Mindful of Mental Health Because It's so Important with All of the Stresses of Life, Our Mental Health Can Suffer so Take Care of It

6 Read More Because It Expands Your World

7 Drink More Water

8 Learn to Cook Because Eating out Often is Not Fiscally Responsible

9 Get a Passport if You Don't Have One Already

10 When You Get Your Passport, TRAVEL!

11 Do Something Daring Whether That is Bungee Jumping or Asking That Cute Guy out on a Date

12 Meditate. You Don't Have to Be a Buddhist or an All Peaceful Person to Meditate. Anyone Can do It at Any Time!

13 Watch Less Television

14 Be More Loving towards Yourself Because We Are Very Hard on Ourselves

15 Be More Loving towards Others

16 Volunteer. the Best Way to Meet Lifelong Friends is through Volunteering While Doing Some Good in the World

17 Practice Self-care when Needed

18 Say I'm Sorry. You Know That Person Whom's Feelings You Hurt, Apologize Already. Don't Carry Guilt into the New Year

19 Have Fun! Don't Let the Grind of Life Zap You of Your Fun!

Keep these goals in mind and you will have a healthy and happy 2019!

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