Get Silly and Release Your Inner 5 Year Old ...


Get Silly and Release Your Inner 5 Year Old ...
Get Silly and Release Your Inner 5 Year Old ...

It’s good to release your inner five-year old every now and then. As you get older, there are more and more circumstances and situations in life that require you to be the mature adult that your life has formed you into. There is a time and place for acting like your parents, but equally importantly, there is definitely a time and a place for acting like your five-year-old self as well! Despite all of the maturing you have done and the responsibilities that you now have as an adult, there is still that young child inside you, and it deserves to be given the chance to come out every now and then! Here are a few fun ways to get silly and release your inner five-year-old once in a while.

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Play with Kids

If there are any small children in your family, take the time to get together and actually play with them. Interacting with youngsters can really help to unlock your own inner child, and you will find it extremely liberating and therapeutic. Of course, the best part of playing with little ones is that fact that you can give them back to their parents when the hard work and care needs to be given!


Channel Your Childhood Decade

Whether you grew up in the 80s or the 90s, take an entire day to relive all of the pop culture moments and foods that encapsulated your formative years. Throw on a compilation of the greatest hits from the decade, seek out some of the classic sweets from the time, and press play on your favourite childhood movie. You will instantly be transported back to some of the most carefree times of your life!


Say Yes

Fight against your reserved adult nature and start saying yes to fun activities more often. Let yourself go and let your guard down and you will definitely feel the enthusiasm and excitement of that inner five-year-old start to come through. Don’t be scared to get a little silly every now and then. We all need to buck against our adult responsibilities when we can!


Think Old School

Try to think up all of the things that you loved doing when you were a kid, and see how many of them you are able to recreate today. Head over to a friend’s house and play with their kid’s Lego for a while. Head to a theme park with a bunch of friends and ride roller coasters until you feel sick. Eat so much junk food that if your mom were there, she’d send you to your room!

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