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During my time as an undergraduate student, I learned about different (and fun) ways to become involved in college. As a kid, I was known for being quiet; I was never bold enough to step out of my comfort zone and cross over invisible lines. It wasn't until I reached high school that I was able to break out of my shell. Since then, I've made it my personal mission to put myself out there and see what results it would yield. Following these fool-proof ways to become involved in college will aid you in putting your life back into perspective!

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On the Look out!

One of the easiest ways to become involved in college is to look out for bulletin boards. If you want to find information on upcoming events and advertisements for different activities, this is your best bet. Always keep an eye out for brightly colored posters; there is sure to be an event that caters to your interests!


Attend Events

The quickest way to meet people is to attend both on-campus and off-campus events. This will give you a chance to socialize with your classmates and colleagues who may share similar opinions with you. Don't let your nerves stop you from getting to know people; everyone in attendance most likely feels the same!


Join the Club

As a former undergraduate, I would have to say that one of the most memorable experiences that I had in college was joining different clubs that focused on diverse issues. I actually ended up participating in over nine clubs! Just make sure to balance both schoolwork and extracurricular work.



Conversely, volunteering to help out at certain events is a surefire way to forge bonds with strangers! Not only will your caring nature be on display, everyone will recognize your reliability. Whatever cause is being promoted, make sure that you also volunteer for events that resonate with you. This will make your experience that much more meaningful.


Study Buddy

While I find that I am able to study better alone, my friends swear that there are perks to forming study groups. Studying with a classmate makes it ten times easier to break the ice; you will both be experiencing what it is like to study with someone new!


College Resource Center

You should always check to see whether your school has a resource center. This will help you freely explore all of the things that your college has to offer.


Work Study

I met some of my closest friends during my time as a work study employee. If you are unfamiliar with the term, work study is essentially a financial aid opportunity provided by FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) that allows students to work on campus. Working for the Art and Dance department at my school was highly beneficial; this is what caused me to become more invested in the arts.


Hang out on Campus

Instead of rushing home after your last class, you should take the opportunity to enjoy your campus. Whether you choose to hang out in the cafeteria or read in the library, the point is that the best way to become involved is by remaining on school grounds in general.


Get to Know Your Advisor

In my experience as a student, having a helpful advisor made all the difference. I don't think that my college career would have gone as smoothly if I didn't know that I could freely ask my advisor for advice without having to fear what he would say.

Embarking on this educational journey may seem scary at first. However, if you take certain steps to cement your involvement in college activities, you will be sure to make a name for yourself on campus! Are there any other tips that you would suggest following in order to have the best college experience?

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These are really great tips. It's a good thing I saw this before my few days to college. I will keep these in mind. Thank you (-:

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