Finding Hope in the Broken by Erin Hanson ...


Finding Hope in the Broken by Erin Hanson ...
Finding Hope in the Broken by Erin Hanson ...

Finding Hope in the Broken by Erin Hanson

I remember when the world broke in,
To rip apart my soul,
For years after that one event,
I thought myself not whole,
My hours were spent with trying,
To fix it up with tape and glue,
Until one day I discovered,
Everyone else is broken too,
Here we were with pieces,
Of ourselves and both our hands,
So fragile and so open,
That I began to understand,
Maybe I'd been greedy,
To want my soul to myself,
When it could be a lot more helpful,
In the palms of someone else,
Now every time I go somewhere,
I leave part of me behind,
And collect all the pieces,
Of other souls that I can find,
So when I'm meeting someone new,
it's not just me they get
But also the tiny fragments,
Of all the others that I met,
And my life's become much bigger,
Now that it's home to things so small,
And if this is what " broken" means,
I do not mind at all.

Here's what I get out of Finding Hope in the Broken by Erin Hanson. This poem is a realization of how forgiveness gives you a tremendous amount of peace that leads to happiness in your life. Peace is the most astounding possession you could have. Anything that costs your peace is the most costly thing. No one in this world can tell you how you do your peace, it's your own tranquility. Things happen in life that we can't control, bad things that make us angry, bitter, and negative. Forgiveness is healing, it is acceptance of the past, things you cant' change, or even wish to change. When you learn to share a part of you with people, encourage people, be kind, the more you are blessed. Letting go is like fighting against the wave of the ocean when the current is against you, you don't know which direction would get you out. We all go through different kinds of wave in life, strenuous and grueling storms, but just like the sea, it calms down and when you land on the shores you'll find that some people have been through that storm just like you.

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