Exceptional πŸ‘ Tips on How to Forgive πŸ™ Yourself ☝️ ...


Even the kindest and confident people need to know tips for how to forgive yourself. Have you ever noticed that, even for the most forgiving people in the world, it can be simple to forgive others but really hard to forgive yourself? Perhaps it is because you expect failure and mistakes from people around you but expect a much higher standard from yourself, and than can be very unfair from a personal point of view. Finding the ability to forgive yourself for your mistakes is much more important that forgiving others in my opinion, because it helps to keep your own state of mind in a good place, and can stop you from falling in to a pit of low self esteem and low self confidence. If you need some help with this, then here are some tips for how to forgive yourself.

1. Tell Your Story

It might sound silly, but sometimes one the best ways to find forgiveness for yourself is to tell your story out loud. If you keep things deep inside, they can start to eat away at you and become a much bigger problem than they need to. Find an understanding friend and pour your heart out to them. It might help you to see your problems from a different perspective. If you don’t want to talk to somebody about it, you can even try writing it down in your journal.

Defeat Your past
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